Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scooter is doing great!

I got an email from Scooter's owner Erin yesterday.  Scooter is Miras - Murgab x Anastasia, 2010 purebred AT gelding born here at CGAT.  She gave me permission to share:

I was so proud of Scooter yesterday.  And so proud to be his person, which he clearly feels.  Every lesson we have had (they are monthly as my trainer comes up from FL) Scooter has just flown through everything we ask of him.  We ask something new & he just sets about doing it with no fight or fuss & he enjoys doing it.  I was cracking up (everyone was who was watching) because while my trainer was explaining the theory behind long-lining & getting the horse balanced & working from the hind end I was holding the lines & his bridle in my hand and hte entire time Scooter was standing next to me pestering the heck out of  me to put the bridle on him.  As soon as I did & clipped the second line he was literally stepping forward to start working.  He just couldn't wait.  After an hour lesson of him offering what we had been asking & watching him experiment with movement & using his body differently, I stopped him & stepped forward to take the lines off & he turned & nickered at me & started rubbing all over me, yawning, blinking, just really processing what we had done...  my trainer remarked "could you two like each other any more?"  It's just really cool to be the person training him.  He is really something else & I hope you take pride in what a great-minded horse he is...  I am truly honored to see how he is blossoming with the slow steady work we are doing together, both his body & mind.

OK enough of my gushing.  Just wanted to share because I get such great positive feedback from him but also the folks at my barn are amazed at his attitude & ethic & how sweet & friendly he is.
A good boy!

It is always great when a horse you foaled and raised goes to a loving, happy home.  I'm hoping for great things from the two of them in years to come!

Scooter leaping for joy - Karen Wegenhenkel photo, taken in 2012 I believe.

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