Thursday, September 18, 2014

Come Play with us!

I've sold enough horses this year that I have open stalls!  Wow!  Instead of running out and buying more (OK, I do have one mare coming...) I'm being smart and looking for a 'paying' horse.  In other words, I'm looking for a new boarder.  It's been sort of interesting, as I haven't looked for a new boarder in so long that I'm a bit rusty.

I put an ad up on Craigslist and then tried finding it...I obviously had the key words wrong.  So, I tried again.  Slightly better.  I went and looked at some other ads - people now put photos in their ads.  Not terribly surprising, but I didn't even think of it.  So, comb through my zillions of photos for those few that aren't only of horses.

Then, I went on Facebook and tried to follow the rules of each group.  No one is shouting at me, so I guess I did ok.

Anyway, we did a lot of work this summer and the place (while projects aren't all entirely finished) looks pretty good.

So, here it is:

Full Care Horse Boarding between Woodinville and Monroe.  Small, quiet farm with 10 x 12 matted stalls with gravel runs, daily turnout, 3 feeds a day, covered, lighted arena with rubber/sand footing. Tack locker, lovely grass hay.   Looking for 1 to 2 horses.  $500 a month.

Oh, and photos!

I guess I don't just take photos of the property and buildings - there has to be horses in it!  If you're interested email me at

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The barn is FULL!

Yes, the barn is full...of hay!  We've picked up 750+ bales of local this summer (thank you Larry and kids!) and I just got 29 tons of gorgeous Eastern Washington yesterday (thank you Bob Day at Dayville for always taking great care of me!).  My barn is filled to the rafters and beyond, with overflow going into one of the big foaling stalls.

Callie is standing in the middle of it all.  You can't really see the hay in the stall, but that is what you get when you take a cellphone photo!

Knowing you don't need to scramble to find good hay for the next many months..priceless.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Monica and I (Monica Bretherton) did two photoshoots in the past week or so.  Now is the perfect time, with the horses being sleek and shiny and the light staying until reasonably late.  Monica always takes nice photos.

These are of Rocket (barn name still!) 2014 purebred colt by Salam out of Tulah.  Rocket is almost 6 weeks now and is really a nice colt.  Stallion prospect, Fakir Pelvan line.  For sale, $5000, sale pending!

This is Sabyr, aka Stanley, 2013 Salam x Aishet.  Sabyr is just over a year old, and is obviously still growing (look at that butt!).  He's a bit over 15 hands right now and should mature 15.2 or 15.3 at least.  Excellent sport prospect.  $4500

Both boys are lovely horses with bright futures ahead of them!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Off to College

I always think that when a horse heads off to a new life/owner/job, it's kind of like sending your kids to college.  You've done the best you can from child(foal) hood on up, bandaged skinned knees and hocks, taught them right from wrong, put some good ground manners on them and depending on age, sent them through elementary, middle and high school.

All those years of prep work and then one day, you're waving goodbye:

The very fancy 'bus' to Goshen's college.
I waved goodbye (after giving him a good lunge and lots of scritches) to Goshen on Wednesday.  He's heading to Indiana to see if he can make it as an eventer with Eron Owens of Greystone Eventing.  I think this is a great match-up, as Eron is not only a talented rider and competitor, but she competed with Goshen's sire, Goklen for many years.
While here, Gosh has gone through elementary and middle school, gone on one trail ride, done a little bit of a lot of things. This year, he's really grown up in a lot of ways (including hormones, lol), but has really come into his own.

He's a little bit thinner than I like ideally, those hormones have kept him moving and moving some more!
From what I hear, he will spend a while with the talented Kevin Wallin, getting his mind back to work.  Then we'll see what happens next!
Graduate school, perhaps?

Monday, August 11, 2014

More Foal Photos!

I've been slacking in the photography department, sad to say.  But, yesterday, my friend Wendy came out to visit so I took a few cellphone photos of her and Rocket.  He's in the 'I'm so curious and fingers are great for getting spots I can't get" stage. 

He continues to grow (like a weed) and is such a nice boy!  Too bad he came out the wrong sex, but as he's a colt, he is for sale.

Photos from August 10, 2014, Rocket asking Wendy for 'scritches'.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Ancient Technology

Yep. You read that right.  Ancient technology.  We used it this weekend and got 'er done.

What did we do?

We moved a shed.

Here it is in its old position.  We built this a good 20 years ago, well before we thought we'd put runs on all the stalls.  Once we started adding runs, well, it's in the way.  So, for the past 5 years or so, we've been thinking about how to accomplish this task.  Many theories were floated, many dismissed.

Finally, we decided what to do.  Dig out the entire foundation, put skids on it from front to back, brace and cross-brace, cut the posts (which were sunk 3 feet into the ground) right below the skids, and then put up on round poles and roll and pull.

Larry spent a good three weekends digging out the foundation, with occasional help from others.

Once the entire foundation was dug, we braced and put the rollers under it.
Then, Larry cut the posts off right below the skids.  Sawzalls are really cool.
Next, we hooked it up to the truck and the tractor.
There is a whole story about getting the truck here - what you can't see is the VERY tight space I had to navigate to get it where it is here.  I am now qualified to dock starships.

Then, we pulled, slowly and carefully, jacking up the shed to put new rollers under it.  The kids helped out and while they weren't exactly excited, they did the work. You can just see Alex, here, helping Larry.  At this point, the shed is almost in its new position.  Here we were taking out a fencepost that was in the way.

Here is a view from where the shed used to be.  It will get some fill and end up being a paddock, until we put runs where it was.
 Here it is, in its new position.  We later put up temp fencing and will end up putting in permanent fencing to make 3 paddocks.
Here is where the shed used to be.  That pile of gravel will end up being the flooring of the shed in its new home.  Maz (the horse looking at me) was very interested in what the crazy humans were doing. 

So, now we need to finish the shed, including the floor and a patio outside it, take down one line of fencing, put up a few more and wah-la, done!  Then, it's on to the next project, which is finishing up the 3 runs in progress. 

All in all, the actual moving time was about 7 hours total, but that doesn't count the prep or the hours of discussion on how to do it without trashing the shed.  We all did decide that we now know how they moved the blocks of stone for the pyramids, ancient technology plus a lot of modern horsepower and lots of muscle power.

After we were done with moving the shed, we went and picked up 100+ bales of hay. life!

We don't need to go to the gym today.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

More Foal Photos

The sport around here lately has been 'Taking Rocket Photos'.  While I'm not very talented in that department, Angela Davenport and Monica Bretherton have taken some really nice ones.

Here are a few:

Two days old in the arena, Angela Davenport photo

Whispering secrets in my ear - Monica Bretherton photo
Enjoying his first day in the pasture, Monica Bretherton photo
He really enjoyed the running around, Monica Bretherton photo
One of my favorite photos, Monica Bretherton photo
And, one more for good measure.  Monica Bretherton photo
There are a whole bunch more on my Cascade Gold Facebook page.  Rocket is for sale (He's not a filly, sadly!)