Monday, November 23, 2009

Another rainy day in Seattle

Yep, another gloomy day when I'm really glad I have a covered arena. I've been taking some dressage lessons along with my friend Monica, and it's interesting how (mainly) positive reinforcement can really improve your riding. I've found that I'm pretty much doing everything as I should, just maybe not quite enough of it! But, in 6 weeks, there has been a rather large change in the way Galen and I are doing in the arena, so that is good. I'm even thinking we might do some small dressage shows next year, in between our endurance rides.

We have a date for our first ride of the year, our favorite ride, Home on the Range! This past year it was cancelled, but the ride manager has found a new place for it, so it should be ok. This is a great ride, as it's in sunny, dry, eastern Washington, over (at least in the past) nice cow paths, not very technical, but interesting scenery. There are buttes, sagebrush and usually cattle, to make it all seem like the old west. Also, good friends, good food and of course some libations. I'm really hoping to get a lot more rides in this next year and maybe even get a few LDs in on the youngsters. We'll have to see though, as they are extremely green and we'll only go as fast as is smart.

We had our first rides (yes, I'm really getting ahead of myself, planning endurance rides for them!) on both Danny and Tommy last week. Both boys were excellent, listened to the reins and legs and seemed to really enjoy the whole process. I need to get moving on Andre too, but he's still growing like a weed, so I'm in no rush.

The kids have a few days off for Thanksgiving this week and next, but we don't have any real plans. Maybe head out and see a movie one day, but mainly I think we'll just enjoy each other's company.

I suppose I should head out to the barn and get to work!