Saturday, December 22, 2012

First conditioning ride for 2013!

Yes, I'm finally !!!! back in the saddle.  Monica and I went out for the first trail ride I've done since this past June? July?, anyway, it's been much too long!  We made it a short one, as my ankle is still gaining strength and I sure don't want to overdo it and set myself back. 

We went to the Redmond Watershed, where the great footing and tree coverage made up for a little bit of rain.  I really bundled up, as I knew we wouldn't be going very fast. 

Both Danny and Galen seemed very happy - lots of happy little snorts and snorfs, and I must say, both Monica and I did our share of big, happy sighs.  We ended with big trail riding grins.

Here was a short break for a photo op.  Monica took some slightly better photos that are on Facebook.

Our 'Solstice Ride' even had a little bit of sun (in between the raindrops!).

It was short, but sweet.