Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life on the Farm this summer

It's August and things are busy, busy, busy here. I've just started a part-time job at our local Large Animal Hospital as a vet assistant, so I'm learning lots there. Our foals are growing nicely and it looks as if Suyji has been sold as a stallion prospect. We've had several visitors in the last weeks to see horses, most of which have seen us at one Expo or another. Karen Wegehenkel, who took the lovely photos at Celebrate the Horse that are on my site, came out and took a bunch more of several of the horses. The photos turned out wonderfully and it makes me wonder how they would have looked if all the horses had actually been clean! There are links to her site on my site, so if you need a photographer, give her a call.

I've gotten some trail riding in - over the last weekend Wendy and I went out and trimmed some trails up at Mann Road in Sultan and then the next day Callie and I met up with the Pomeroys and we did a nice little ride at Lord Hill. Lovely!

We're starting to think about school now, planning our summer vacation and getting school clothes situated. All good stuff!