Thursday, May 19, 2011

Danny's first trail ride

Yesterday, Monica and I took Danny, with Galen as the 'mentor' out on his first trail ride. He had to trailer, tie to the trailer, walk through some pretty deep muddy water and then go on the actual trail ride. We picked Mann Road, as it has some nice, single track trails (not many distractions) and varying lengths of trail. Also, it was a weekday morning, so we were all alone. No bikes, strollers, dogs, etc.

I'm happy to report that he was a total champ. Calm, interested, happy to be out and mostly on a loose rein. He followed Galen, our seasoned trail horse, and pretty much just copied what Galen did. We went through some pretty muddy spots (lots of them), over some rocks, roots and branches and around a lot of trees. We went up a few hills and down a few others and Danny took it all in stride. In fact, his walk promises to be amazing on the trail - that huge overstride will really eat up the miles. We only did around 20 minutes, all walking, and then headed back to the trailer, where both horses got to mow the side of the road for a bit. Then, back home to a well deserved lunch. Next ride will be a little bit longer and we'll introduce a few more things...streams, anyone?

I did take some photos, but need some kids to help me download them. I think most have Danny (and Monica) with a big grin and grass hanging out of Danny's mouth.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Rain, rain, go away.

It's another gray, blah day, with just enough rain coming down to keep everything damp. I know it's the Pacific Northwest and this is what keeps us green (and brown, from the mud), but now in May, it's getting more than a little tiresome. I'm so ready for some lovely weather for longer than a day here and there! The horses are too. Every sun break we have, the horses are lining themselves up to get maximum Vit. D.

We're planning on heading to Klickitat Trek at the end of the month, but it will be a very slow 25 for Galen and I. While I'm sure he could easily go mid-pack, I'm not so sure about myself. Also, my friend Shannon is bringing Tommy (Asil Tumay) for his first real limited distance ride, and we've promised to ride with them and provide moral support. No doubt Tommy will do great, as Shannon does a fabulous job, but as a proud 'grandma', I can't wait to help out.

Monica and I are planning for Danny's first trail ride. He's more than ready, we just need a little bit of time and some halfway decent weather. He's coming along so well. The younger horses are doing well too, with Scooter and Goshen growing like weeds, the two fillies, Slari and Mahri, maturing and learning new things. Andre is kind of getting the short end of the stick, as he's so easy. Maybe today he'll get a little bit of love.

Salam has his first collection for the year set for next week, which will make him VERY happy. He's looking great and I can hardly wait to see what Annie foals in June, as that is his only foal this year. Next year should be a little more exciting in the foal department.

Well, I've finished my coffee, so I should get my butt out to the barn and start working.