Thursday, September 18, 2014

Come Play with us!

I've sold enough horses this year that I have open stalls!  Wow!  Instead of running out and buying more (OK, I do have one mare coming...) I'm being smart and looking for a 'paying' horse.  In other words, I'm looking for a new boarder.  It's been sort of interesting, as I haven't looked for a new boarder in so long that I'm a bit rusty.

I put an ad up on Craigslist and then tried finding it...I obviously had the key words wrong.  So, I tried again.  Slightly better.  I went and looked at some other ads - people now put photos in their ads.  Not terribly surprising, but I didn't even think of it.  So, comb through my zillions of photos for those few that aren't only of horses.

Then, I went on Facebook and tried to follow the rules of each group.  No one is shouting at me, so I guess I did ok.

Anyway, we did a lot of work this summer and the place (while projects aren't all entirely finished) looks pretty good.

So, here it is:

Full Care Horse Boarding between Woodinville and Monroe.  Small, quiet farm with 10 x 12 matted stalls with gravel runs, daily turnout, 3 feeds a day, covered, lighted arena with rubber/sand footing. Tack locker, lovely grass hay.   Looking for 1 to 2 horses.  $500 a month.

Oh, and photos!

I guess I don't just take photos of the property and buildings - there has to be horses in it!  If you're interested email me at