Friday, August 5, 2011

Stall Rest

Hard to believe it's been over a month since my last post. Of course, we're not sitting still here. I have 300+ bales of local hay in my barn - we picked it up out of the field, which is NOT my kid's favorite task. Even bribed with ice cream, they don't seem to really enjoy it. Go figure. I have about 38 tons of nice, Eastern WA hay in the barn, so it is pretty full. There is really no better feeling to a horse farm owner, than a barn full of hay. Except maybe a barn full of paid for hay! I have great hay suppliers, who allow me to pay over time. This is a life-saver, as I rarely have that kind of money sitting around. This year, I was hoping I'd sell a few of my lovely youngsters and it had looked promising - quite a few inquiries, several visits and rides, but sadly, no one bought any. I can't blame the horses, as they are lovely, well-mannered, nicely started youngsters. I think it's just the economic times - people aren't sure what is going to happen, so aren't adding to their herds. I suppose in a way, this is a good thing, as it's better to make sure all is well before making such a big committement, but a few less mouths to feed and clean up after would be great. Summer isn't so bad, but trying to keep everyone dry in the winter gets a bit challenging. And, every single one wants attention! I walk outside and have 14 pairs of eyes looking at me, hoping that today, it's their turn to play. Happily, Monica is doing lots of the work with the 'kids', as I've been put on stall rest.

That is another thing that has happened this summer: a routine mammogram found a lump, so I've been on a 'medical adventure' the past month or so. I found out that I would need a lumpectomy and at least radiation, right after the Renegade ride. The worst part of it all (from my view) is that it interrupted my ride season. Whine. But, my friends, family and boarders have been great and I've made myself do less. I had my surgery this past Monday and while I feel pretty good, I can tell when I overdo it. So, less horse stuff and more dog and cat on lap stuff. Happily, my case is pretty ho-hum, and I think that after some radiation theraphy, I'll be considered cured. But, it does suggest that a yearly mammogram after 40 is certainly a good idea! I am hoping that I can at least go to the Elbe ride at the end of this month and maybe (!) depending on my recovery, ride a 25 or at least the trail ride with Monica and Danny. We'll see. If I can't ride, I plan to go and cheer the other ladies on. I think that the people at the hospital think I'm totally nuts - I don't want hand holding, I don't want to come in for 'face to face' visits if I don't absolutely have to and I just want to get this over with and get back to riding. I suppose if my problems were more serious, I might be a teensy bit more into all that.

I do have a great photo that Monica took the day before my surgery up on the top of this blog. Galen and I went for a really good (read, pretty fast) ride on Sunday with Wendy and Allie at the Redmond Watershed. We had a lovely time zooming up and down trails. When I first arrived at the parking lot there, there were several aid cars, a hook and ladder truck and two policemen who took off on their 4-wheelers, out onto the trails. Wendy and I met them as we were about a mile out, coming back with someone in a backboard. I noticed the injured person was wearing cowboy boots, so we assumed a horse accident. Hope whoever it was was ok. Later in our ride, Wendy and Allie were in front, we had just gone over a bridge and were going around a very sharp turn with a cliff (as much as you get in the Watershed) with drop off on the other side, when something started to slide down the hill above Galen and I. I didn't have time to see what it was, as Galen thought it was VERY bad news and he bugged out. I didn't know he could dance sideways like that, as I tried to keep him on the trail and not barge past Allie. I could hear some sort of slithering, sliding noise, but we were now around that sharp turn and I just had no desire to head back and see what it was. And, I suspect Galen wouldn't have agreed to go. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a deer, as they are much lighter of foot and whatever it was sounded BIG. We headed back to the trailer at quite a good clip, with Galen watching behind us. Wendy later wondered if perhaps the person we saw being evaced out had come off a spooked horse from whatever the big slither was. I suppose we'll never know, but it sure got my heart pumping! Nothing like a good, fast ride in good company with a good story thrown in. The only thing missing was a beer when we were done! That had to wait until evening.

So, it was a great way to head to surgery - a few minor sorenesses to remind me of that wonderful ride and what I will be doing again very soon. I'm also waiting to see if Astra is pregnant (preg check next week), although her dopey, smiley attitude sure makes me think that she is. I will be back in the saddle soon, although probably no fast rides for a bit. Can't wait!