Monday, June 13, 2011

Another busy week

Yes, it was. Annie foaled on Tuesday evening and then there was a day of recovery (for me) and on Thursday morning, Monica and I took Khan and Scooter to Pilchuck Vet Hospital. Khan had his teeth done, which for him is very necessary. Poor guy, at 21 he has the teeth of a 31 year old! I think the early malnutrition he and his dam suffered really did a number on his teeth. He had two teeth pulled (and that didn't take very much) and I was told that from now on, hay is recreational. So, he's now on a few gallons of soaked beet pulp and senior morning and night and daily turnout on pasture. He also gets a small flake of alfalfa for something to chew, although he only eats the soft stuff and leaves the rest.

Scooter is now a gelding. We got to watch the castration, which I always enjoy much to the disgust of most people (men). It was an easy surgery and he's back out with his buddies again. He's ready to find his forever person, so if you're interested, contact me.

Over the weekend, Wendy and I made it to Lord Hill and got in a bit over 2 hours of trotting hills. We timed it just right, as when we were heading back to the trailer, the trails were getting crowded. Both Galen and Allie (Wendy's mare) were happy and Galen would have been easily persuaded to head out again.

Today, I'm doing some catch-up in the barn and house. Maybe tomorrow I'll be back in the saddle.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Annie's foal is finally here.

Top Photo by Julie Villeneuve, bottom by Larry Brader

Annie foaled last night around 9:30 pm. She had been in labor since around 6 pm the previous evening, so I'm sure she was very happy to be done. I know I was, as I was on foal watch the entire time. I did get some sleep, just woke up every 2 hours to check on her the first night. She was in the arena, which has lights and is in easy view of my bedroom window, so I just look out at night and can see what is happening. Salam had to come up to the big barn too - he usually hangs out in the lower barn, with a nice big paddock and a pasture out front, but he and Annie couldn't stand to be apart, so he has been hanging out, anxiously watching her. Funny thing is, as soon as she foaled, she had zero interest in him anymore, as another handsome black stud has captured her fancy. I hope he understands.

Monica had been here all night Tuesday and back and forth on Wednesday, but had to head out before the big event. Julie was here part of the night on Tuesday and came back Wednesday and got to see the foaling. Kay (one of the boarders) came by Wednesday night and got to see her first foaling.

Annie of course, was a total pro. She's done this 9 times before, so was very businesslike. She had the foal up within 15 minutes, manuevered him into nursing position and expelled the placenta with no fuss. The little guy was running around within an hour and appears healthy and friendly. I think he might be black, but now that he's dry he almost looks like a mousey black, sort of grayish black. We'll have to wait and see what he turns out to be, I guess. He has a bit of chrome - 2 hind socks and a front stocking, along with a tiny star and snip. Very dashing. No name yet, although I think his barn name might end up as 'Reggie'. We'll see if it sticks.

Enough nattering on - I can tell I'm still tired, but I really should get some work done instead of sitting in front of my computer!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This and That

As usual, it's been a busy week or so since my last post. Danny has gotten out on his second trail ride and is now trying to load himself in the trailer every time he goes past it. As expected, he was a champ and Monica detailed that ride in her blog at Danny wasn't the only one that got to go out, as we took Khan (also in Monica's blog posts) and our new friend Julie. Khan was a champ, which isn't a surprise as he has many, many endurance miles under his girth. We've been slowly conditioning him, as he's been a pasture puff for the last 6 years. It has been fairly recently that I decided he needed a little more work than just standing around and supervising (when I lunged him and his entire body jiggled like jello, I decided he needed someone else to dictate his workouts). So, it's been very slow and careful, as his left hind suspensory is suspect from an injury when he wasn't even weaned. He's done very well over the years in spite of that, but when he was retired from competition in 2005, after a pretty successful year, that leg was iffy. So, a few years of breeding, until his fertility went down to zero - probably from a virus picked up during his competition days, the vets said- then not much until this year. He's so non-enthusiastic about arena work that we thought maybe a little time on the trail would be the ticket. So far, it sure seems to be. Julie reported that he 'was a different horse' out on the trail.

Memorial Day, I took my husband out for a trail ride with him on Khan. They both had a great time and Larry said he now realizes why I make him do those boring seat exercises, as there was a lot of mud and he had to really work to stay in the middle of Khan, as he lunged through it. We cut the ride a little shorter than I had planned, as the footing was much worse than expected and I didn't want to competely poop out either Khan or Larry. I think they both had a great time and they both slept well that night. Galen was wonderful, as usual, stopping and waiting when Khan started to slow down. I always get a kick out of how well Galen watches out for less conditioned and green horses on the trail...until it's time for an endurance race. Then, he's all about beating the socks off them. It makes me smile just to think about it.

Our broodmare, Anastasia, is getting close to her due date. I'm very excited about this foal, as we've had to keep her on regumate most of the pregnancy to keep her pregnant. I don't know how this bodes for any further foals (this baby is #10 for her), as she is 20 this year. So, I'm really hoping for a spectacular FILLY, as it will quite possibly be her last. Maybe if I say it enough, it will come true. We're weaning her off the regumate now, so I think it could come anytime after this weekend. I so love the foaling and those foals. It makes all the work worthwhile.

One of these days, I'll figure out how to download photos from our camera (one of the kids lost the cable and we have never replaced it), and then we'll have a bunch of Danny on the trail, so proud of himself.