Friday, October 31, 2014

Poems for a Rainy Day

Poems for a Rainy Day

While I was turning horses out, cleaning sheds and generally getting soaked today, I came up with some Haikus.

Rains have started, very wet
Horses standing in muddy paddocks, no good.
Must buy more gravel pronto.

Drainage systems overloaded with water
Darn, we thought we had it covered
Must dig many more ditches

Gutters are very merrily overflowing
Water gushing everywhere, into stalls, into arena
Ack!  Need to repair quickly

And lastly:

Rain, rain, go away
Summer wasn't here to stay
Me and Galen want to play
Rain, rain, go away.

Think I'll go order some gravel.

One of our 'works in progress'.


AareneX said...

There's no such thing as
Too much gravel on a farm
I thought you knew that?

Tekelady said...

I keep hoping one of the kids will marry into a gravel family. Is that wrong?

AareneX said...

Either marry into gravel...or maybe become a diesel mechanic?

I think that's quite reasonable.