Monday, January 4, 2010

Our FOTATA Awards

Ari and Galen tied for 4th place in the first annual FOTATA (Friends of the Akhal-Teke Award) and Shannon, the organizer, sent us some lovely halters as prizes. I really wanted the first place prize (Gorgeous, hand-painted plate), but Amrita Ibold certainly deserved it this past year. We'll see if we can start a real horse race for first place this year. I have big plans, but we'll see what really happens. I know that several other Teke people have big plans too, so I suspect I'll have to do lots of competing to even be in the running! That is ok though, as the more we get these fabulous horses out there, the better.

I'll upload some photos of Ari and Galen posing in their halters.

Thanks Shannon!