Monday, November 26, 2012

Busy Month

It's been about a month since I've posted anything and of course it's been a busy one!  Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we're in the stretch to Christmas.  The house still smells like turkey, but the Christmas decorations are down from the garage attic and I've started Christmas shopping. 

Out in the barn, it's been busy as well.  We have two new horses here (only one of which will be staying), Dune and Tulah, both from Kelsey Kempfert in Wyoming.  They are both Durkkhal offspring and Tulah will be staying here on a broodmare lease, while Dune is waiting for his international health papers to head up to Cindy Swenson's Bold Vantage farm in British Columbia.

                                                 Dune chatting with the boys next door.
                                                      Tulah wanting to join the girls. 

And, if that isn't enough, Merdan (Paddy) left for Colorado Thanksgiving day.  He's off to Jas Shearer-McMahon's Magic Valley Ranch to be her future stallion and endurance horse.  Of course, there are a few years between now and then, as he's only 8 months old.

So, I've been moving horses around to see who gets along with who - Sparky is now out with Scooter and Reggie, being a 'big boy'.  His dam, Astra, went home last week.  Sparky was fine with this, although Astra was not very happy.  I'm sure being away from him will make it easier on her.
                                          Sparky getting to know his big half brother Reggie

I'm still recovering from my ankle surgery, although I've been in the saddle a few times.  Mainly, I've been trying to catch up.  I have noticed that my overall fitness sure has gone down, amazingly enough.  So, the next few months will be catching up, getting fit again, getting Galen fit again and planning who to breed to whom this next year, which is always a very fun thing to do!