Tuesday, August 6, 2013

SAFE Schooling Show, August 4, 2013

We took 2 boys down to the SAFE schooling show this past weekend at Donida Farms.  We took Danny (Magdan) and Andy (Andymn).  I had the luxury of being the groom and groundsperson and Monica rode Danny and Keiko Young rode Andy.  I had been planning on riding Andy myself, but after having sore ankles from ONE ride during the week prior, I realized there was no way I could do the warm up and riding for the 4 classes I had entered.  Thank goodness Keiko was such a good sport!

We trailed down early Sunday morning, passing a roaring trailer (car or quad) fire on the way.  We got the boys there and settled in (sort of, Andy was NOT happy to be in a strange stall).  Keiko and Monica took them on a walk about while I got the numbers, show schedule and such all organized. 

Even though this is was a schooling show, it was pretty big.  Multiple arenas, indoors, outdoors, LOTs of horses and lots of activity.  It really was quite a test for Andy, who has been rather sheltered the past years.  Danny, who has been out doing endurance rides and conditioning, took it pretty much in stride.

Andy in the warm up ring with Keiko Young.  Cathy Leddy photo.

Danny warming up with Monica.  He started with a lot of 'forward', but ended the day with several second place ribbons and with Monica grinning ear to ear.  Cindy Balogh photo.

Andy did 4 classes, including 2 intro dressage tests in the indoor arena (big, scary mirrors!) and while his first test was a bit hesitant, his last one was pretty nice.  Keiko did a great job with him and he really listened to her.

Danny did 6 classes, including 2 dressage tests - one Training level and one intro.  Sort of unfortunately, his training level test came before the Intro, so he was a little 'looky' in the indoor for that one, although he did settle down and got a nice score in the second test.  Both boys were in the middle of the pack for their tests, with respectable scores for their tests.  Not world beating, but that isn't really the idea for a schooling show!

Danny and Andy in a green horse class.  Cathy Leddy photo
Danny (on inside) and Andy were in 2 classes together in the main arena.  Andy and Keiko got a ribbon in the equitation class and both boys did a good job.

After Andy's classes, I took him and we went out to graze, which made him very happy. 

We headed home after the last class and all got some well deserved rest.  I think we're ready for this next weekend's HorseFlicks filming at the Washington State Horse Park, which will most likely be the subject of my next blog.  Thanks again to Monica and Keiko, who both did a great job with smiles on their faces.

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