Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Busy Weekend!

This past weekend, Monica and I took Danny (Magdan) down to the Northwest Equestrian Center in Yelm WA to do some cross country schooling with a few friends.  Monica and Danny have been doing quite a bit of show jumping and he definitely has the trail experience, so this was a logical progression. 

We headed down around 10ish on Saturday and arrived around 1 (quite a bit of traffic, but that is Seattle) at the Equestrian Center.  It's a very large place with huge fields, lots of cross country jumps and rows of temp stalls.  It was very low key (sign the waiver and pay your fee), which was pretty nice.  Catrina and Jeremy Quantrell were already there with Mazaly, so Catrina schooled while Monica walked Danny around and then tacked up.  Amrita wasn't there yet and we later heard her truck had overheated about 5 miles out.  I did some film of Catrina and Mazaly making it all look easy.  They did some beginner novice jumps and then started moving up.  By the time Amrita showed up, Catrina was pretty much done and they headed out. 

Amrita, Monica, Stella and Marina (two of Amrita's junior students) were all taking a lesson with Vicki (I didn't catch her last name).  Vicki did a lovely job, getting everyone on the same page and warmed up.  I trundled along with the video camera and huge tripod, wishing for the pony and cart that had been zipping around earlier.  Happily, I had a little pull cart or there would probably be a lot less film of that day. 

I didn't take any still shots on Saturday, so these are from Sunday's playing, but they are over basically the same jumps the ladies did on Saturday. 
 Marina and Kegas
 Monica and Danny
Amrita and Paktaly
Stella and the totally cute pony Puddin

Amrita was schooling over the largest jumps, doing some of the preliminary jumps (I'm pretty sure I got that right) with Paktaly making it look easy.  Danny is just starting over cross country jumps, so he did the beginner novice jumps and ended his day doing a drop into the water and out up the bank. 

Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun, horses included and I really, REALLY want to get back into the saddle.  Maybe not to go over big jumps, but doing my thing.  Soon!


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