Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The wait is over!

Aya had her foal at 3:30 in the morning early Saturday. She had a little wax when I checked her at 9 am and started having regular contractions around 2 or 3. Monica and I settled in and watched her pace the arena, stop and swish her tail, stomp her feet and bite her belly. Around 10 pm, I went in to get some sleep and Monica woke me up about 3:20 with the news "her water just broke".

It was a textbook delivery (the best kind), and as the baby was coming out, I could see it was buckskin. Maybe this time I'd get my buckskin filly! Then, the foal was all the way out and I could tell she was a he. Lovely little buckskin ...colt. He has two hind stockings and one little triangle on the front leg. Lots of get up and go, very friendly.

I have a dog blanket on him, as it's quite windy and chilly and he doesn't have much body fat. He's wearing my son's dog's blanket, which has flames shooting down the sides. I was calling him "Speed Racer" today, as he zoomed around the arena with mom.

I think we have a name for him. My friend Cindy found the word "Merdan", which means courageous. It works as I wanted a M name in honor of his sire, Metman. It seems to fit him too. He marches right up and says hello. Of course, that is much too formal for a barn name. We've been calling him Paddy, as he was born on St. Patrick's day.

There are some photos on Monica's blog and on Facebook under the Cascade Gold page. Monica's blog is http://blog.seattlepi.com/horsebytes/

Sooner or later I'll get a decent camera, but not today.

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