Monday, April 14, 2008

Another lovely weekend

Went riding with my friend Wendy on Sunday down at Griffin Creek outside of Fall City. Nice trails, and lots of them! Something that really made me grin was the little wood signs on many of the trails - someone has a great sense of humor. Names like "Wee Owl" and now I'm blanking on some of the good ones! But, decent footing, although we had to walk some sections because of big rocks. In and out of the trees was great fun and Allie and Galen loved it. He's getting fitter and wants to go faster and longer, so that is wonderful. He's also discovered a huge walk, which he's never had before. We went out with some friends several weeks ago on somewhat green horses, so we walked the entire time of about an hour and a half. Galen was very practical and said "well, if we can't trot, then I'll walk as fast and big as I can". Fine by me! We were keeping up with a big walking Morgan mare and were faster than the Rocky Mountain mare. His walk has always been his weakest gait, but I'd say Not Any More! The funniest thing was that my back was so sore after that. His trot is very smooth and the canter the same, but that walk was like being on a seesaw, back up, hind quarters under, thrust, back down, repeat. I'm much more used to it now though, as we've been practicing!

We're getting ready for our first ride of the year down in Madras, Oregon. I sure hope the weather cooperates, cause even if it doesn't, I'm going! The camper is pretty much packed from our aborted ride at the end of March (the passes were closed and roads were icy), so we just need to repack the trailer, put our perishables in and load the ponies. It should be a lot of fun and I'm hoping we'll see some other Teke folks down there.


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