Sunday, April 6, 2008

Akhal-Teke blogging

This is sort of addicting! Rainy, blustery Sunday out, so I'm working in the nice, dry computer room.

So, I was writing about Galen. Poor boy! Yesterday I went out to give him his morning grain (he's one of those 'hard-keepers', lucky boy!) and he was looking absolutely miserable. After a five minute panic - 'Oh my goodness, he has some horrible, life-threatening disease', I remembered he'd had 3 shots on Thursday when we went to get our 6 month passport, coggins and brand inspection. Huge sigh of relief and then I got some bute into him, rubbed his poor little ears and put his hay up in a haynet. So, he gets a few days off from riding, until his neck is all better. He's feeling better today - brighter eye, less pitiful looking. I'll know he's all back to normal when I turn him out and he runs around for an hour.

This morning was our 'lesson' morning. A friend and boarder, Kay, is giving lessons to my husband and son in return for my help with her youngster. It's working out nicely, as both guys can really make me crazy during lessons and it doesn't bother Kay a bit. Of course, she's not related to either of them, which no doubt makes a difference. Zach rode his pony, Bella, and did a nice job. Larry (my husband) rode Maz, our 15 year old purebred Teke gelding. Maz is such a good boy! He's had years of training and riding and is so good with the less confident riders. If he's really unsure of what they want, he just goes to the instructor and stands there, seemingly saying "You'd better give this one some more talking, cause I have no idea what they want!". He's got lovely, smooth gaits that make for much easier posting and sitting for the beginner. Such a good boy! I even thought of getting the camera and taking some photos, but then I gave my eldest daughter a lesson on him and it didn't happen. All the family wants to be able to go on trail rides this summer and I think seeing everyone mounted on horses we've bred, raised and trained (or almost everyone!) will be a highlight of the year. We also have an Expo coming up in July and I'm hoping I can get a few kids to ride with me in that. We'll see. Someone has to stay home and mind the farm too!

Well, I suppose this is enough for right now. I'm starting to feel guilty about the time I'm taking to write, vs shed cleaning, horse grooming, arena grooming, etc.

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