Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Broken Saddle!

As I reported in the last blog post, I broke my saddle last week.  I wasn't doing anything exciting, we just hopped over a log (we being Galen and me).  I heard a crack and realized what had happened back at the trailer.

Yesterday, I took everything off my saddle - stirrups, seat savers, shims, etc (boy, it's light without all that stuff!) to box it up and ship back to the manufacturer.  They are being great - the tree is guaranteed, so all I need to pay is shipping and labor.  Way cheaper than a new saddle.  Anyway, after I took everything off, I realized the tree was broken in 3 places, not just one!

The underside of my saddle - you can see the dimples in the leather in the middle of the pommel.  Also, if you look below the stirrup leathers on both sides, you can see breaks at the narrowest point of the tree.

Close up of one of the breaks below the stirrup leather.

Close up of the pommel break. 
So, they will replace the tree and send it back asap, as of course, ride season has started!  It will be interesting to see what is different with the new tree.  I was told that this break (pommel, at least) has been known to happen on these models.  No idea about the other breaks.
I guess I would rather have my saddle break than my horse!


AareneX said...

Known to happen???? Whaaaaaa?

That is just so wrong. They should be sending you a new saddle.

Tekelady said...

They said it's been known to happen 'on the older models', so I assume they changed things up for 'newer' models. It will be interesting to see exactly how different the new tree is. Naw, I don't want a new saddle, I love this one (so does Galen!). Just want it fixed.