Monday, May 14, 2012

Getting ready for Mt. Adams!

This week we're getting ready for the Mt. Adams ride.  Once again, Monica and I will be doing the LD and Wendy will be doing the 50.  I will be going as fast as possible, hoping that my ankle doesn't give out before I finish.  Happily, Galen is good with that plan. 

Mt. Adams is absolutely lovely and I can hardly wait.  All this week we're stocking the camper and trailer, mounting our corral hangers on the trailer (so we don't have to 'macrame' them on) and then we'll head out Friday morning. 

Monica and I got in a good ride at the Watershed last week - her phone fritzed out, so we don't know exactly how far we went, but we were going at a pretty good clip for most of it.  Galen got into his lovely, long trot that I just sort of almost sit and kept it up.  I could hear "Good boys" from behind me, as Danny got into his lovely trail trot too.  We both had big 'trail riding' grins when we were done.  Neither horse did much sweating at all, although there was a bit of a breeze that probably helped with that.  The horses are ready...we'll see about me.

After Mt. Adams, we'll go to Klickitat and then possibly Renegade, if Addy foals at the right time.  She is due on July 2nd, so could pop anytime from the middle of June on.  We'll just have to wait and see.

I've been working some of the young horses.  Mahri is carrying a saddle and has worn a bridle twice now.  No big deal.  Monica has sat on Goshen and taken a few steps.  No big deal.  Andre is coming along, getting stronger and fitter every day.  I'm trying to get a little time in with Khan, Ari and Slari too, although they tend to be gotten to last.  I even lunged Salam a little today.  He really enjoys the work and fussing.

Well, my lunch break is done, so I'm heading out to the barn to enjoy this gorgeous weather.

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