Monday, June 13, 2011

Another busy week

Yes, it was. Annie foaled on Tuesday evening and then there was a day of recovery (for me) and on Thursday morning, Monica and I took Khan and Scooter to Pilchuck Vet Hospital. Khan had his teeth done, which for him is very necessary. Poor guy, at 21 he has the teeth of a 31 year old! I think the early malnutrition he and his dam suffered really did a number on his teeth. He had two teeth pulled (and that didn't take very much) and I was told that from now on, hay is recreational. So, he's now on a few gallons of soaked beet pulp and senior morning and night and daily turnout on pasture. He also gets a small flake of alfalfa for something to chew, although he only eats the soft stuff and leaves the rest.

Scooter is now a gelding. We got to watch the castration, which I always enjoy much to the disgust of most people (men). It was an easy surgery and he's back out with his buddies again. He's ready to find his forever person, so if you're interested, contact me.

Over the weekend, Wendy and I made it to Lord Hill and got in a bit over 2 hours of trotting hills. We timed it just right, as when we were heading back to the trailer, the trails were getting crowded. Both Galen and Allie (Wendy's mare) were happy and Galen would have been easily persuaded to head out again.

Today, I'm doing some catch-up in the barn and house. Maybe tomorrow I'll be back in the saddle.

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