Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Gorgeous Day in Seattle!

It's about 65 degrees now, with no end in sight. Ahhh....spring! Wish I had more oomph though. Working swing shift all weekend sure takes it out of me. Anyway, I'm sitting here writing instead of being outside, which really shows my level of energy.

We're getting ready for our first ride this coming weekend, the Milwaukee Railroad Ride. This will be our first of the year and Monica Bretherton and Ari's first ever! Ari did do an organized trail ride a few years back with my daughter, Callie, but nothing organized since. I'm hoping they both are competely hooked (yes, there is a selfish reason - that way I have a riding partner!)

I did my 5th ride on Alav yesterday. She really is amazing. We walked and trotted on the lunge and then I had my ground person, Kay, let me off. Alav acted like she's had a zillion rides. No big deal. I think she is going to be a very special horse. She is sort of for sale...but every ride I put on her, I think, hmmm.... I'm hoping to get another ride or two in this week, but we'll see. Between pasture and farm maintenance and getting ready for the ride, that might be pushing it.

Well, my coffee is helping a little bit, so I think I'll head out and see what I can accomplish today!


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