Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Days

Summer is definately here and it's great. I am solar-powered, so here in the Pacific Northwest, summer is my favorite season. Lately, I've been outside, cleaning paddocks, working horses, mowing, weedwhacking, you name it, as long as it's outside. I'm not doing all that much riding, as all my kids are home and I feel rather guilty going off and having fun while they're stuck at home doing their chores. And, we're breeding, treating mares, managing the stallion, etc, so that takes time.

I did get in a nice ride this weekend with my friend Wendy. I took my daughter, Callie's horse, Ari, as Galen had a slight stone bruise. He was quite good, although we did have a 'discussion' about leaving the lush grass at one stop. I explained to him that he'd get to eat later on and life was fine.

Tomorrow it's hauling mares to the vet clinic for ultrasounds and treatments. Thursday, we might get another ride in...hopefully!


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